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Enter the terms you wish filipino dating in abu dhabi search for. As with any of the world’s cities, life in Abu Dhabi is a mix of swings and roundabouts, peaks and troughs, ups and downs. In the end though, the pros to living in and relocating to Abu Dhabi far outweigh the cons.

Relocation to any destination has its disadvantages and advantages, and expats will find that Abu Dhabi is no different. The better prepared a person is for the less appealing aspects of life abroad, the more successfully they’ll be able to adapt. The good news is that Abu Dhabi is one of the expat destinations where the good outweighs the bad. PRO: A mix of cultures Abu Dhabi is home to people from all different nationalities, each contributing to the jumble of languages and dress, not to mention food and talents.

CON: A mix of cultures With all those nationalities and different languages, comes communication problems and culture shock. A relaxed attitude and empathy can help equip an expat to navigate their way through setting up life in Abu Dhabi. PRO: The Corniche Developed, then redeveloped to host adjacent activities for the Formula One in Abu Dhabi, this stretch of fine white sandy beaches adjacent to the Gulf is one of the best parts of the city. With Al Mina Port on one end and Emirates Palace and Marina Mall on the other, this is the place to be on the weekend. CON: High rents and few living options Though rent in Abu Dhabi has been astronomical in the past few years, it’s starting to become more of a tenant’s market.

90-minute, twice-daily commute down Sheikh Zayed Road is a considerable obstacle. CON: It will be hard to describe where one lives Street addresses in Abu Dhabi can be confusing. Although the city is divided into different zones and sectors, with streets in each sector numbered, everyone generally still relies on a system of landmarks to explain their address. Many people have their mail delivered to their office, but that still leaves food, furniture, guests and a host of other items that need to get to one’s home. People take a lot of vacations here, particularly during the hot summer months. PRO: A wealth of hospitality options Abu Dhabi is expanding at breakneck speed.

Yas Island and the area by the Shangri-la Hotel near the Grand Mosque are exploding with new restaurant, bar and nightclub options. PRO: Cheap eats Abu Dhabi offers a mind-boggling range of cuisine at restaurants at extremely reasonable prices. Pakistani, Indian, Lebanese, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Chinese and Ethiopian are just a few of the national foods on offer. PRO: An emerging scene for culture and entertainment There are a host of incredible new cultural attractions emerging in Abu Dhabi.